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The vaping industry has had exponential growth, and e-cigars are slowly becoming quite popular with people. It is also one of the best ways to prevent people from smoking tobacco. There are many vaping conferences and events all over the world, and the following are some of them and you can mark your calendars if you happen to be interested in them.

The Vaper Expo:

The Vaper Expo is said to happen in the month on May from 4th to 6th this year. Some of the world’s top brands come together to this Expo in Birmingham and if you happen to be a person who loves vaping do not miss out to be under a roof where the world class leading vape brands come together.

B2B Tradeshow:

The B2B Trade show happened during March this year in Moscow, Russia. Some of the most significant players in this industry gather at this trade show, and you will be able to see more than 200 exhibitors.

Hall of Vape:

Hall of Vape is held at Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg and hundreds of exhibitors come to this event to present their products. Anyone is welcome there; you can be a manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer etc.


ENDS Conference:

Electronic Nicotine delivery systems conference is said to happen in July this year in London, UK. One of the main focuses of this conference is to reduce the usage of nicotine products like tobacco by making people use e-cigars. Attending this conference is an excellent opportunity to meet people who are in this business, and you will also be able to learn a lot of things.

Vape Expo Shanghai:

The event at Shanghai is an excellent place to build your relationship with the retailers and customers. The Expo focuses on expanding Chinese e-cigars and also tries to provide international influence to its e-cigars. It is a great place for sellers and buyers to be connected with each other.

West Coast Vape Expo:

West Coast Vape Expo is held in July this year in Washington. The Event is mainly to bring about awareness about vaping. You also have raffles, auctions, live music, vendors from all over the world. There are also other exciting events such as vaping tricks competitions where you can even win up to $1000.

Vape Expo Oceania:

Vape Expo Oceania will be held in December this year in New Zealand. You can expect more than 230 exhibitors from countries all over the world. You can experience the most extensive B2B and B2C Vape expo in New Zealand.


InterSteam event is held in Berlin. It is a brilliant platform for manufacturers to showcase their products. It is a huge event, and there are plenty of things to do at the event. After the show, you also have an after-party to entertain the guest.

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