Vaping at the Conference and What Are RDA's


Hello Again. Lewis here. I thought I’d throw up a post about RDA’s, and drip vaping. Dripping is something I recently got into with my vape juice. If you’re like me you might be a bit confused about dripping and RDAs. I know I was but, I did a lot of reading and hopefully this little bit might help. Wikipedia goes over it a little bit, but doesn’t really go that far in-depth.

So, Listen Up.

RDA stands for re-buildable drip atomizers. These sorts of atomizers offer a lot of advantages to those who vape and we’re going to discuss these advantages today.

Once you’ve learned more about what RDA vape atomizers are and how they work, plus the benefit of using them, you may just be tempted to purchase your own. This guide is impartial, so we won’t be pushing any brands here. We just want to let you know why RDA vape atomizers are well worth a second look…

You’ll Need to Do Some Assembly

rdaKnown as the preferred atomizer type of “serious” vapers, the RDA will require a little more work at the outset, before you vape. For example, you will need to craft coils yourself, rather than buying them pre-assembled. However, since they provide so many benefits, most vapers don’t find the extra labor too annoying. Some actually enjoy it, as they are customizing their vaporizers in order to save cash and boost performance!

These RDA’s use box mods, which run on special high tech vape batteries. Learn more about these batteries and the special chargers needed to charge them here:

In order to use an RDA, you’ll need to order your preferred RDA or buy it locally and you’ll also need wire of the resistance type. This is basically all that you’ll need. The key advantage of an RDA is that you’ll spend less on this type of atomizer than you would buying non-RDA atomizers, which aren’t rebuildable. In terms of how to set up your RDA, you should be able to find tons of instructions videos and/or step-by-step instructions online. Every vaporizer is different, so be sure to find an RDA which is right for your vaporizer. Then, look for assembly instructions for that model.

Important: Be sure to read up on ohms as well – has a lot of good resources as well


Vaping Pleasure Will Go Up

As well, you’ll find that vaping quality goes up dramatically when you opt for an RDA. This means better taste, more water vapor…the works! According to real-life vaping fans, the best RDAs, which are utilized in order to practice the style of vaping known as “dripping”, are crafted from high-quality components and they are produced by manufacturers with strong and positive reputations.

There are great reasons to choose an RDA. As well, there are no real drawbacks, beyond needing to set it up yourself! Most people have no trouble learning how to install re-buildable coil atomizers and you probably won’t either.

Now that you know the basics, why not shop around for the right RDA for your vaporizer? It’s the secret to spending less on vaporizer maintenance and it will also allow you to get more enjoyment out of vaping. Again if you need some juice check out VapeCraft.

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